Sometimes, you need
to be more.

Hyphen is the global expertise partner that connects you to the people who know how. Whether you are seeking expertise as a government, foundation, consultancy or investment fund, or whether you are an expert looking to support those with a mission, we help you be more.


Hyphen’s team members range from consultants at top-tier global consultancies to investment specialists, from award-winning authors and designers to disinformation experts, and from general staff officers to high-impact mission attachés in developing countries.
Gülnur is the Finance Manager at Hyphen and is responsible for compliance and streamlining financial operations. Gülnur is based in Turkey.

Prior to joining Hyphen, Gülnur worked for EY and KPMG as a Tax consultant advising numerous clients on tax and compliance-related issues. She supported Carestream India Shared Service as a finance manager providing ...
Erhan heads our work towards professional service clients as well as privately held companies and selected public sector clients in MENA. He additionally leads Hyphen’s Partnership Network. He is based in the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Before founding Hyphen, Erhan orchestrated business incubation initiatives, where he brought together strategists...
Derrick supports our policy advisory practice on a broad range of topics, from macroeconomic and development advisory to innovation ecosystems and AI deployment, and brings his narrative and design thinking skills into our brand vision projects. He is also supporting Hyphen’s professional network development, building our expert roster to prepare for the macrotrends tha...
As Hyphen's Associate, Ekaterina supports Hyphen across a variety of operations focusing on service offering as well as discovering business development opportunities.

Prior to joining Hyphen, Ekaterina worked as a political consultant advising international clients on the adoption of digital technology. Her experience includes supporting international no...
Maciej leads our inventions business line, where he focuses on bringing technological solutions together with our partners to public sector and private sector clients. In addition, he manages our brand vision projects. He is based in Poland.

Maciej most recently shaped public sector innovation framework for a prominent international organisation. Prior to...
Avinash leads Hyphen’s business with European Large Corporate clients and heads Hyphen’s Expert Network, which covers our pro-active offering towards experts as well as the active recruitment of external experts into Hyphen’s growing roster. His areas of expertise evolve particularly around Financial Services, Energy, Principal Investor & Private Equity and Technology. ...
Michael supports Hyphen on projects delivering innovation approaches and structures to public and private sector organizations. He is dedicated to deploying battle-tested lean start-up methodologies with a focus on digitization. He is based in

Michael develops, builds and implements structures and processes together with Hyphen’s c...
Kamila supports our inventions offering and serves clients on a variety of our systems projects. She is currently based in Budapest.

Kamila has worked for various public and private institutions, including Oxford Analytica, the Slovak Embassy to Washington, D.C. and the Habitat for Humanity International. Kamila obtained her Master’s in International Rela...
Michael leads Hyphen’s work with Public Sector and Consulting Clients in Europe and North America. He also heads Hyphen internal recruitment efforts as well as developing Hyphen’s long term product offering, often in cooperation with selected start-ups. He is based in Belgium.

For eight years he worked with The Boston Consulting Group around the globe, m...
Patrick leads our design team and is the design and creative director of our brand vision project. He oversees creative works for Hyphen’s clients across all industries and constantly advances our own capabilities and processes. Patrick is based in Switzerland and Sweden.
Olgierd leads our external communication across all channels and is the contact point for all media inquiries. He is additionally responsible for Hyphen’s Expert and Consultant Operations. Olgierd is based in Poland.

Olgierd has more than 7 years of NGO experience. He coordinated communications at the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) and d...
David is Hyphen’s Head of Technology and leads Hyphen’s entire Technology Operations. He is both responsible for automating and streamlining internal operations as well as developing technology that facilitates Hyphen’s work with Experts & Consultants. He is based in Switzerland.

David is an accomplished software architect who worked with Swiss AdNovum f...

Our story & vision

Why Are We Here?

Working in previous premises, we observed that addressing organisations’ key challenges requires cross-functional expertise. It struck us that the future of work will involve embedding in a flexible and tailored manner knowledge and experience within institutions, in the form of specialists, senior advisors or partner firms, in contrast to traditional models that rely on hiring homogenous teams of external consultants.

We founded Hyphen to provide you with expertise in a way that addresses the new modus operandi and the way projects and undertakings are brought to life.
Hyphen brings together the best of all worlds: it builds on a deep understanding of complex projects and challenges based on decade long experience honed in management consulting, combined with the human-centric approach of top-tier recruitment and expert networks’ breadth of reach. Our work is underpinned by technology and processes designed to enable you and our experts to work together seamlessly.

Our ambition is to make the world a better place and create value for our partners on both sides of the hyphen.

Our guiding principles

Exceeding expectations is a team effort that goes beyond the individual. If ambitious practitioners and leaders connect, true excellence can be achieved.
Human-centric focus
While focusing on excellence in content and form, we know that great connections are only forged by understanding the people we connect. We support you not just as partners, but as people, and cater to your full range of needs.
Through dedication, expertise can be transformed into valuable action. We take on challenges that we can commit to, going the extra mile to ensure that each of your projects achieves its full potential. We do not check boxes; we find solutions.
Our independence is protected by the absence of external shareholders and conflicts of interest. It enables us to always make the right decision and support our client’s cause.
Challenges must be tackled together, with determination. By building diverse relationships, we can see and create the solutions others cannot or will not.
We do not work for a paycheck. We strive to do what has never been done before, improve work and build projects that make the world better. We help you push beyond what you have dared to dream and take you to the next level.
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