How we help you succeed.

We are driven to create a future of work that enhances our partners’ experience on both sides of the hyphen. We are equally committed to our clients’ needs and our experts’ goals. Here is a selection of ways in which we have helped others like you succeed through connection.

Selected engagements

Pushing the start button on an esports super-event
We helped to level up a new gaming tournament, progressing it from an idea to an actual concept of a competition worthy of the world’s best.
Boosting an army’s diversity with behavioural science
A radical pilot scheme saw the number of young women looking to join the Swiss military increase by more than 50%.
Mega Accelerator
Learn more about how Hyphen helps to transform mega-project plans from dreams to reality on our mini-site.
Visualising and creating a stunning mountain retreat
Hyphen’s A-team helped to create a masterplan for a new world-class sport, well-being and education facility in an untouched mountain range.
Designing a 21st-century desert dreamland
Hyphen brought together a roster of global creative, architecture and technology experts to design a genuinely iconic travel destination.
Navigating Data Governance
We identified data governance experts capable of helping a nation to improve the ways it manages big data.


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