Clarity for a Future Vision

We provided the experts to pressure-test eight country-wide policy programmes designed to deliver a better shared future.

A country’s government had drafted a vision and mission statement for its economy, citizens and public administration aiming to transition to a sustainable ecosystem for future generations. The vision covered sectors ranging from public welfare to infrastructure and growth. It was not just a single plan; it consisted of eight plans spanning key dimensions of the local economy and society. Each plan needed vetting and validation to ensure that they all aligned and were implementable on time and within budget. A global consultancy took the lead, but it required the guidance of diverse teams with a broad knowledge of each of the eight branches of the overarching plan.

Officials had a vision for the future;
we provided perspective.

A project this complex required leadership and management. We appointed a member of our own team – a former senior policy specialist with experience working on cross-policy topics – to lead the search. We determined each initiative’s needs and then searched our entire network to find seasoned experts with both relevant knowledge and proven expertise. To ensure that the task was clear, all the experts were onboarded, coordinated and briefed thoroughly by our team. As the project ramped up, Hyphen acted as the key point of contact between experts and our client, the consultancy, continuously updating and liaising with the practitioners on relevant content. We simplified a complex and multipronged project greatly by acting as a single point of contact for experts and the client across all eight initiatives.

To give our clients a clear vision of the future, we helped them see further ahead.

Our experts validated all eight policy programmes and provided the country with tangible recommendations for improvement. The updated policy guidelines and KPIs (up to 15 key KPIs per initiative) were circulated to the ministries for implementation.

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Q1 2020 - Q2 2021
Validated country-wide policy programmes.
Services provided:
Team development
Identifying the needs and creating custom searches for those most qualified expertise.
Identifying the needs and creating custom searches for those most qualified expertise.
Experts provided
• Policy leaders, from former ministers to senior public servants with extensive administrative experience

• Specialised technical experts with hands-on experience in developing and implementing policy

• Public policy scholars who have advised and conducted research for major governments and international organizations

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