Design a 21st-century desert dreamland

Hyphen brought together a roster of global creative, architecture and technology experts to design a genuinely iconic travel destination
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“To travel is to live,” said the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. He knew a thing or two about world-building and the power of imagination, but even he might have struggled to offer a vision of a futuristic holiday destination.

Countless literary and philosophical figures have preached the virtues of exploration but what is it that makes a place so awe-inspiring and truly memorable?

Leaders in one ambitious Middle Eastern country wanted to create a new district in the capital capable of rivaling the world’s most iconic destinations. This megaproject – to build a cultural superhub from scratch – posed a challenge of epic proportions, however, and needed a design and concept team loaded with talent.

We helped elite innovators join with city and national leaders to build a world-class entertainment hub.

Hyphen was tasked with building an A-team with specialists from around the world to design and develop this new cultural metropolis. To do this, leading narrative designers, retail experts, architects, futurists, 3D designers and tech experience designers were sourced. 

The group of business leaders Hyphen brought in covered a wide array of entertainment endeavours and supplied a comprehensive breadth of knowledge. With so many aspects of development happening all at once, finding those with the mindset and skills to provide leadership behind the scenes was key. 

The opportunity to work on a project of this grandiose nature was a key factor when recruiting them but our diligence ensured we got the right people for the task at hand. For more details on the roster of experts we sourced, please read the factsheet below. 

Our A-team provided ideas and a vision of what is posible.

Our roster of tech and creative experts provided those in charge with ideas on what was possible, aided with client workshops and helped to set the internal direction for this colossal project. 

Hyphen made this process simple for both sides by ensuring all specialists were thoroughly briefed before starting the engagement to maximise their impact. We also served as the main point of contact for subcontractors, making sure they had exactly what they needed to succeed. Several experts approached us to make it clear they would like to work with us again, having been impressed by our processes. 

By building a roster of first-class creative talent, we helped with the creation of a stunning destination capable of enchanting even the most experienced and adventurous travellers. 

Fact Sheet
Key figures
Duration: Q4 2020 – Q4 2021
Hyphen provided an A-team of world-class talent that offered ideas and advice on how to create a new iconic travel destination and what should feature in the client’s grand plans.
Services provided

• Custom Expert Search - We identified industry-leading specialists and brought them on board to help map out the project.

• Management - Hyphen served as the main point of contact for experts, providing them with information on the project’s progress and giving detailed information on the tasks and processes involved.

Experts provided

The narrative designer behind a major Japanese tourist attraction and various video games

The retail guru and designer behind Apple’s in-store experience

An urban-design firm skilled in planning cities, airports and infrastructure projects

An industry-leading holographics firm with experience producing eye-catching creations

Various former creative designers

Various academic researchers on 3D visual lighting

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