Global investment. Local expertise.

Validating an opportunity in one of the world’s most fragmented real estate markets.

During the pandemic, real estate became a tempting but volatile investment – and the heavily-regulated residential market in Austria provided a unique but guarded opportunity. Our client, a US-based hedge fund with offices across Europe, developed an investment thesis. To validate its assumptions, it would need local experts who knew the opportunities and pitfalls of the market.

Hyphen connected global investors to knowledgeable local experts.

After determining the project’s needs and qualifications, we tapped into our network to identify a diverse yet efficient team with the skills needed to validate the fund’s investment thesis. This included officials in the local and national regulatory administration, as well as experts on real estate, economics and law.

Our experts validated the assumptions of the investment thesis at the local, regional and national level. The team delivered a risk assessment, market fragmentation data and offer pricing. Armed with this information, the fund decided to exercise caution and hold off pursuing the opportunity.

Fact Sheet
Key figures
Q4 2020–Q2 2021
Validated investment thesis at the local, regional and national level.
Services provided:
Team development
We worked with our clients to determine what skillsets were needed to validate their investment model in the heavily-regulated and nuanced Austrian market.
Experts provided
We recruited a team of experts with different backgrounds:

• A former economist at the Austrian Ministry of Finance

• A political director at one of Austria’s political parties

• An adjunct professor focused on the legal framework of housing, social housing and construction law

• A former bank executive with in-depth experience in Austria’s real estate market, who went on to found a data analytics start-up

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