Making a Labour Force Survey work

When a government questioned the methodology and results of its survey, we created a team to review it.

Unemployment surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of this challenge, when one government agency in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region noticed unaccountable discrepancies in its national labour surveys, it decided to commission an independent external review. With a major global consulting firm, Hyphen assisted a national Statistical agency in executing a thorough review together with a roster of seasoned technical and senior experts.

When doubts and discrepancies appeared, Hyphen brought in experts who provided clarity.

The client and the consulting firm realised that to understand the problems in the survey, they would need to review everything – from the data and methodology to the computation of the results. With skilled management resources in place, we recruited independent and reputable experts with specific skillsets to complete the task. We set out not only to find seasoned individuals, but also to create a team of experts with complementary skills who could work together effectively.

Hyphen identified and connected national leaders and experts who had run national labour force studies, including a former head of methodology of statistics, a statistician who had completed similar reviews across the Americas and Africa, and two former International Labour Organisation (ILO) statisticians.

With our top-tier consulting partner, our team delivered a comprehensive review in less than eight weeks, and led the discussion on creating an actionable plan for the path forward. Our experts provided an extensive analysis of the survey spanning the entire lifecycle, from data collection to survey distribution, highlighting around forty areas for improvement. They also delivered a one-year roadmap for implementing the changes. To follow through on the recommendation, the team was enlisted to provide counselling throughout the implementation phase, included training, methodology and documentation review.

Fact Sheet
Key figures
Q1 2020-2021
Comprehensive review of the national labour force survey, including a roadmap for improvement.
Services provided:
Team development
With the consulting firm, we identified what the review needed in terms of work modules and skills.
Custom search
Conscious of the commitment and accountability required of the experts, we tapped into our network, asked for qualified recommendations and selected the right team for reviewing the labour force survey.
Experts provided
• A former head of methodology of statistics who ran the labour force survey review for a G7 country twice

• A former G7 statistician with experience conducting similar reviews in other countries, including the United States and South Africa

• A former ILO labour statistician

• A former ILO and emerging markets labour statistician

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