Navigating Data Governance

We identified data governance experts capable of helping a nation to improve the ways it manages big data.

Effective data governance is important for all organisations in the digital age. It ensures that information is trustworthy, doesn’t get misused and is consistent, while aiding analytics and decision-making.

Never have governments had so much access to data that could enhance productivity and change the way they facilitate public services. Ensuring data is protected, well managed and complies with legal requirements is therefore crucial if this precious resource is utilised effectively and in a way that safeguards personal privacy. One MENA government’s central data governance authority sought to ensure that a clear framework was in place to do just that – but finding the right person – or people – to oversee the organization and the important work it does.

Hyphen identified experts capable of providing government ministers with practical advice.

The country in question decided to create a new chief data governance officer role and our client, a leading global consultancy firm, was pitching to assist the government on this matter.

However, with data growing in quality, quantity and importance over recent decades, selecting the perfect candidate for this position was key. Outlining what makes for an effective chief data governance officer was crucial, as was providing the knowledge to help the labour ministry develop detailed processes suitable for day-to-day use.

To do this, we launched an exhaustive and detailed search, identifying and collating a list of suitable experts. Having assessed their backgrounds and experience, Hyphen approached three specialists who were deemed the best fit for this task. We spoke with each of them and gave them the context they needed to effectively assist our client, with all three swiftly signalling their interest.
A big data expert working in the office

Our hand-picked trio of experts provided the client with the insights to impress government officials.

All three specialists joined the client for their presentation, with one attending a key workshop and making a particularly notable impression on public sector leaders. While our client’s bid for this work was ultimately unsuccessful, one thing remains clear: adding our experts’ experience and intellect was hugely beneficial and gave the consulting firm valuable insights into what was needed.

In fact, two of the three experts have proven themselves to be so valuable that we have worked with them on multiple data-related engagements since this initial undertaking. We have found specialists capable of transforming the way numerous types of organizations look at the increasingly important topic of data governance.

Fact Sheet
Key figures
Q3 2021
Hyphen’s trio of experts provided our client with the knowledge to impress top officials at a Middle East government labour ministry during a business proposal.
Services provided:
Custom Expert Search
We scoured the globe for the perfect combination of experience and knowledge, engaging three specialists to assist the client
Experts provided
• The chief data governance officer for a European country which ranks in the top five globally when it comes to data governance and management

• An experienced data management consultant who developed the data governance and management policies for numerous organizations, including a major Middle Eastern city

• A Canadian data governance and privacy specialist, who had been a key advisor to chief data officers in the public and private sector and who is shaping the Canadian data privacy policy

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