Pushing the start button on an esports super-event

We helped to level up a new gaming tournament, progressing it from an idea to an actual concept of a competition worthy of the world’s best.
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Gaming is not just fun and games these days. Video games have existed for decades but esports is a developing – and lucrative –market. The esports industry is worth $1.4bn in 2022, is expected to grow by 35% by 2025, and could hit an astounding $6bn by 2030.

Competitors and fans expect quality when it comes to events and facilities. Shenzhen’s Three Gorges Harbour Esports Stadium holds more than 6,000 people, while Toronto is building a new 7,200-seat venue. The demand for gaming is insatiable and cities around the world are beginning to take note.

Our client needed real insight to build a multi-game mega-tournament worthy of the world’s best and provide the concept for a venue capable of hosting such a grand project. A next-level experience would require a dream cast behind the scenes.

Finding experienced specialists for an industry that is a few decades old? Not a problem for Hyphen.

After a discovery process to understand what the client needed, Hyphen identified five experts – four for event conceptualisation and development, and one for branding. This collection of contractors possesses skills that would place them top of the leaderboard in their fields in the gaming world.

Meshing seamlessly with the client’s team, they provided ideas at the development and implementation stage that only those with real industry understanding could provide. Whether it be selecting games and organising licensing agreements, tackling legal and administrative challenges, or preparing the venue layout, our experts’ experience hit the turbo-boosters for this project.

Our experts drew on their experience to supercharge progress and guide those at the controls.

As gaming continues to grow as a competitive spectacle, the foundations our experts have helped to build will keep the tech-crazed host at the forefront of esports. Money is flooding into gaming thanks to TV deals, corporate sponsorships and new external investors, which will make it even more competitive. Our client took a serious, institutional approach and Hyphen’s A-team have put them at the forefront, ready for any changes to the market.

Such is this need for continual expertise – and so successful was our engagement – that our game-changers have already been contracted to aid others operating in the esports sphere.

Fact Sheet
Key figures
Duration: Q3 2022
Hyphen’s esports all-stars conceptualised a world-class gaming event and then used their combined decades of experience to lay the groundwork for a bright long-term future.
Services provided

• Expert search - Hyphen identified five contractors capable of bringing huge amounts of experience in what is a relatively new industry.

• Team development - We built a team with complementary skills that helped to progress the project quickly.

Experts provided

A gaming consultancy leader and former national CEO of one of the world’s top developers.

The co-founder of an esports content platform and board member at a major European club.

An ex-president of a global gaming governance body experienced in stakeholder management.

The CEO of a European esports league with experience of organising events and financing.

A creative writer and designer experienced in developing bold content for global brands.

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