Clarity for a Future Vision

Revolutionising an economic and social blueprint requires real expertise. Hyphen helped one country turn its ambitious vision into reality.

Creating a sustainable vision of the future is one thing; making it into something tangible is another entirely. That was the colossal challenge facing one government with the most ambitious of goals.

Millions of lives would be transformed, both in the present and the future. A ‘vision and mission statement’ was drafted, factoring in growth, public welfare and infrastructure development among key economic facets. So vast was this blueprint, it required eight plans spanning the country’s economic and social landscape.

Details are important to such a massive undertaking and each plan needed to be properly vetted and validated to ensure it was fit for purpose, aligned with the others and implementable. The global consultancy firm leading this project needed diverse teams with detailed knowledge to assess each of the eight branches of the plan – and that is where Hyphen came in.

We provided the rigour to see if the masterplan would work.

The vision to construct a futuristic city in the desert

Effective leadership and management were essential for a project this complex, even with a global consultancy firm taking the lead on the project. An experienced member of our team – a former senior policy specialist with a history of working on cross-policy topics – led the search for individuals capable of meeting the client’s needs.

We identified what exactly would be required for each initiative and then built bespoke teams of seasoned experts with years of experience and knowledge to take on this massive project. As well as finding the right people for the task, Hyphen made sure that each person was fully briefed and suitable for this challenge. After onboarding and briefing these specialists, we then co-ordinated with them and the client to ensure they were able to make an immediate impact.

Hyphen continued to act as a liaison between the experts and the client, providing updates as and when required and ensuring both the client and the experts were able to work together effectively. By acting as a single point of contact across all eight branches of this wide-ranging project, we were able to drastically simplify what could otherwise have been a chaotic process.

Hyphen was the guide helping the client on its journey towards the future.

Our assembled A-team of experts stress-tested the plans to ensure they stood up to scrutiny and could lead to the changes the country’s government was looking for.

However, they also provided significant recommendations for improvement, with up to 15 new KPIs per initiative. This gave the client and the country – whose ministries were provided with updated policy guidelines – food for thought ahead of this economic overhaul.

Such points would prove to be key, saving the country money which could be put to use elsewhere and ensure that the country’s inhabitants would get the better life their government had envisaged for them. Thanks to the team of experts Hyphen put together, the nation’s leaders were able to finalise a complete vision of the future. Hyphen’s 50+ individual experts may have each played a small but important part, combining to add value that will benefit millions of people over the next 10 years.

Fact Sheet
Key figures
Q1 2020 - Q2 2021
We helped a national government to test its radical plans for economic transformation and provided recommendations to improve its masterplan.
Services provided:
Team development
Understanding the client’s needs and creating detailed, custom searches to pinpoint who could offer the expertise they needed.
Liaising between the experts and the client to streamline processes and added simplicity to a complex project.
Experts provided
• Former government ministers and chiefs of staff able to offer valuable public sector insight.

• Public policy scholars who have advised and conducted research for major governments and international organizations.

• Public policy scholars who have advised and conducted research for major governments and international organizations

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