Product and Innovation Manager

Kamila Potočárová

Kamila works in the role of Product and Innovation Manager and is responsible for digital product development aiming to build the future of Hyphen. In her position, she actively drives cross-functional collaboration between tech and design teams to scale-up Hyphen. With a deep involvement in key innovation and strategy initiatives, Kamila plays an essential role in building our long-term digital capabilities while leveraging start-up methods.

Having started her Hyphen journey in June 2020 as an Associate, Kamila is our longest-serving full-time employee with a deep understanding of our business and vision. Previously, she supported various functions, including business development, service delivery and HR, and acquired experiences in areas as varied as process design, tech scouting, and digitalisation.

Beyond her role at Hyphen, Kamila has also supported one of our clients, a top-tier management consulting firm, in formulating a strategic vision and opportunities for a public sector institution.

Kamila gained experience at international public and private sector organisations, such as Oxford Analytica, Habitat for Humanity International, the Slovak Embassy to Washington DC, and Explico. Kamila has studied at numerous institutions across New York, Washington DC, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia and received her master’s degree in international relations from Central European University.