Senior Software Developer

Orlando Goncalves

Orlando Goncalves is our Senior Software Developer, working as part of our Technology team.

Building new digital solutions benefitting our team, our clients and our contractors is a core priority for Orlando. His experience in creating integrated technology solutions and his array of coding knowledge make him a vital part of our A-team, especially as we continue to design the Hyphen of the future.

Orlando joined our team with nine years of experience in March 2023. He most recently worked for the Swedish refurbished mobile phone business Refurbly, where he was Chief Technology Officer for 18 months. He has also enjoyed a freelance career as a web software developer since 2019.

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Our senior software developer talks about human-centric tech, AI and escaping bubbles as a digital nomad.
Hyphen is delighted to announce that Orlando Goncalves has joined our A-team as Senior Software Developer.