Pietro Vecchiato: ‘Hyphen is a people organisation at its heart – our unique value proposition reflects my values and improves the way people work’


Pietro Vecchiato’s appointment as VP of Client Partnerships was a significant one for Hyphen. Bringing in a former Boston Consulting Group Partner has enhanced our business development capabilities and added invaluable experience to our growing A-team.

As well as being a move that has benefited us as a company, Pietro’s decision to join us as we look to showcase a new, better way of working has been a positive one for him, too. Having spent 15 years working for two of the world’s leading consulting firms, Bain and BCG, the change to working for a thriving startup has plenty of benefits.

Here, he explains what he considers to be the virtues of joining the Hyphen team and the main differences between his previous roles and life with us.

How have you found working with Hyphen after many years with much larger organisations? What have been the main differences?

I have really enjoyed my time working at Hyphen so far. It has been a big change but an enjoyable one. It is interesting and quite refreshing to experience a new way of working.

One of the most significant differences is that I now have an almost unlimited amount of freedom to come up and test new services and business models, which is fantastic and allows me to look at different ways in which we can operate and add value for our clients. We can experiment, be bold, and work iteratively so it’s a very entrepreneurial place to work.

With a small team, we can be more agile and quicker in both our decision-making and adjusting to conflicting demands or client requests. It’s mentally and intellectually stimulating to work in an environment where everyone is pushing themselves to come up with innovative solutions to both our clients’ problems and our own needs as we look to grow.

Is there anything that has pleasantly surprised you since joining Hyphen?

The calibre of the team here really is exceptional. It’s young, talented, vibrant, very intelligent and highly motivated, and everyone looks out for each other and is supportive of each other. I expected to work with a good group, but this has exceeded even my predictions.

There is also a clarity of purpose at Hyphen. Everyone has a clear idea of what they are doing and trying to achieve, and, perhaps most impressively, they have the vision required to make it a reality.

Creating and maintaining a unique value proposition and positioning for Hyphen is important. Everyone here seems very aware of what is needed to make this company successful and shows real commitment to making it work.

Joining a startup is seen by many people as a gamble; what made you think that Hyphen would be a success before you joined? How do you feel about the company’s future now that you are in it?

As soon as I spoke with the co-founder team, I was convinced that joining Hyphen was the right move for me.

What I have always seen in Hyphen since my very first discussions with those in charge is a unique value proposition delivered through a set of values on which I have built my career on: quality, transparency, trust, and integrity.

These four things are essential to me and seeing the commitment that the Hyphen team has indicates that they want the best for their clients, professionals and each other. It also gives me confidence that this company can continue to go from strength to strength.

How would you describe the culture at Hyphen? Is it significantly different to what you have previously experienced elsewhere?

Hyphen is a people organisation at its heart. Whether it be enabling them to do work they are passionate about, creating processes that put individuals first or uniting organisations with the ideal experts for them, we do a lot to improve the way people work.

We have a very strong culture and everyone here shares the four values I mentioned earlier so it’s great to have such a committed group and one that is pulling in the same direction.

You have had a lot of success in your career and have now brought that into a different environment with a startup. What is it about Hyphen that makes it a good place for experienced hires to take the next step in their careers?

The change of approach is energising. Every day I go out and test new ideas and solutions to discuss with my team and our clients. I think that Hyphen gives me an excellent opportunity to take my previous experiences to the next level.

Do you feel you have more control and responsibilities with Hyphen than in your previous roles?

In our agile and fast-growing organisation, I feel I have more control over what I do and how I operate as a professional. I think this benefits me in my career and personal life. At the same time, I can see and feel that my successes and failures have an even greater impact on our people and organisation so I feel proud and accountable as part of the Hyphen Leadership Team.