A unique service offering capable of turning visions into reality.


Visionaries dream, planners plot, but it takes seasoned specialists and practitioners with a knack for implementation to turn aspirations into reality. 

Whether they are large-scale infrastructure projects or nation-changing government reform initiatives, the transformative projects included in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 agenda require support from professionals with real-world experience to bring them to life. That is where Hyphen’s use of bespoke cross-functional teams can be an added weapon in the arsenal. 

We have built a reputation as a world-leading partner for experts, specialists and technical professionals, working on complex engagements around the globe. Our approach is so effective for several other reasons, too, as there is also a conscious focus on the group dynamic, the fit with client teams, and the local context and culture. By looking at these intangibles, we are always confident in our ability to deliver tangible outcomes for clients. 

Here is a more detailed summary of our approach and values when approaching our clients’ biggest challenges: 


Empowering implementation

In the realm of new developments, greenfield projects, and ambitious government reforms and programmes, implementation serves as the litmus test for success. Here, the need for seasoned technical guidance – rooted in hands-on experiences – cannot be overstated as it is essential for achieving tangible outcomes. 

Hyphen-built teams, comprising individuals with diverse yet complementary skill sets, bring a wealth of real-world experience to the table. This collective expertise enables clients to navigate complexities, surmount challenges, and provide invaluable leadership to realise objectives efficiently. 

Our cross-functional team approach has been instrumental in steering over 100 projects to fruition in the last five years alone. These pieces of work stand as a testament to our authority and proficiency in addressing multifaceted challenges, irrespective of industry or sector boundaries as our case studies prove. 


Turning a Vision into reality

Our recent decision to establish a regional headquarters in Riyadh comes just as many of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiatives are entering the execution stage. It also comes at a time of reform, with many government departments looking at implementing far-reaching social programmes. 

The scope of these projects is ground-breaking – so it makes sense to bring in people who have broken ground themselves on other large-scale infrastructure initiatives and national reform projects.  

That is why we are so invested in finding subject matter experts. By bringing in individuals with practical experience and harnessing their skills in larger, multi-disciplinary teams, we go beyond crafting visions; we build whole new realities. 


Global teams, local insight

A key part of our offering is identifying and engaging talent around the world capable of making a tangible difference on projects. 

That includes exploring the backgrounds and personalities of potential candidates by assessing them for fit, to ensure that they can have the greatest possible positive impact on the ground – particularly in such a unique cultural setting. 

Our leadership and our Client Partnerships team have decades of experience working within the Saudi landscape, giving them a real depth of cultural understanding that is so important. Effectively utilising our local knowledge and contacts means we can better grasp the issues that will determine a project’s success and help facilitate engagements in a way that produces optimal results. 


Building from scratch? We know about that 

Establishing a plan to do something nobody else has done before and then executing it effectively to create something innovative is the story of Hyphen. 

Our journey started six years ago and we have been on an upward trajectory ever since. This is thanks to a combination of our unique service offering and our ability to find talented people for our team. 

By investing in our own people, we are developing resources that can benefit our partners on the ground to streamline the engagement process at a time when minds need to be focused on implementation, not admin. 

Learn more about how Hyphen’s unique service offering can boost your projects in Saudi Arabia by contacting our leadership team.