Automating expense management through fintech and virtual debit cards.


Hyphen’s innovative use of fintech solutions is improving expense management, benefitting clients and experts as well as ourselves. 

We are deploying virtual debit cards to external users in a way few other businesses have tried, enabling us to automate a traditionally tedious process, empower on-site experts and massively reduce the administrative burden for all parties. 

Virtual debit cards are connected to a digital wallet on one’s phone, are encrypted, have a spending limit, can be set up in 10 minutes and work the same way as a physical bank card. Hyphen has chosen digital banking platform Revolut Business for this roll-out, with our own employees already piloting this system, and we are preparing user guides for contractors. 

This roll-out shows we will keep working to incorporate new tech into our workflows to maximise efficiency and maintain quality. Here is a breakdown of the benefits for our stakeholders: 


  • Experts have greater flexibility while they are on the ground as they can get what they need to aid them on the job without needing to wait for approval on key purchases. 
  • Filing expenses is significantly easier. Instead of saving receipts and filling them at the end of the month; now contractors can make a payment, take a photograph of a receipt, and then immediately file it in the Revolut app with annotations. This all takes just a few seconds.


  • Hyphen processes expenses in line with pre-determined terms and conditions, saving clients from the hassle of having to oversee a myriad of transactions for contractors. 
  • By using Hyphen as a one-stop shop for expense control, clients no longer need to worry about sending out physical debit cards thereby removing a security and fraud risk.


  • This technology enables payment data to automatically go into our accounting system, processing expenses more efficiently and enabling us to monitor spending in real time. 
  • This solution allows us to stay lean and means that even as Hyphen continues to grow, we limit the onerous amount of administrative work we must undertake.