Building the Hyphen of the future.


A trio of parallel projects will enhance contractor experiences and further streamline our internal processes as we continue to build the Hyphen of the future. 

Detailed planning, featuring input from every company employee and selected contractors, identified areas for improvement across several departments and throughout the process chain. 

Once complete, we will roll out: 

  • A new user-centric portal for contractors that will serve as a key point of contact and make it easier for them to stay up to date and plan their projects and schedule. 
  • A new timekeeping solution for contractors, which is currently in testing mode as we partner with an external tech provider. This will eventually become part of the contractor portal. 
  • New applicant tracking system and customer relationship management (ATS and CRM) software to help our business development teams behind the scenes. 


Our team first took an in-depth look at our processes and systems during our co-working retreat in Budapest. A working group has since then been making good progress with these projects, which we believed will be finished in 2023. 

Hyphen’s A-team is expanding and we are going from strength to strength as a business, so scalability is something of which we are conscious. However, maximising automation will enable us to ensure that Hyphen stays Hyphen and that contractors will continue to benefit from a personal touch. 

And even once these tools are implemented, we will continue to build, measure and learn so as to how figure out we can improve them further in line with our needs as a company and what contractors need.