Case study news post – greenfield development


Imagine building a super-hub dedicated to sport, wellbeing and education half the size of the entire city of Barcelona. The sheer scale of mapping out what exactly is needed to make this 50 sq km behemoth a success is stunning. 

Now imagine building that in a previously undeveloped mountainous area in the Middle East. It is a colossal challenge that requires only the best people, which is where Hyphen came in. 

Our role in bringing this latest mega-project to fruition was to recruit the best experts from several sectors, broker contracts, and help our client and contractors create a sporting development the likes of which the world has never seen. 

Work is currently under way to build this facility, and our A-team’s input has given those in charge a clear idea of what is needed to make this complex the new gold standard. 

“Playing such a valuable role on an engagement of this scale was exciting for us as a company,” said Dr Erhan Ermis, one of Hyphen’s co-founders. “It shows that anything really is possible by bringing the right people together.” 

“Our client has shown incredible levels of ambition and has developed a fascinating vision for the future, so it has been great to help them realise that. The expert team we curated for this project are all extremely creative people and superb collaborators who are pushing the boundaries with technology. 

“We are delighted to have contributed to this development and look forward to seeing the final result.” 

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