Developing the optimal engagement experience for clients and professionals through 360-degree analysis


Maintaining a quality service offering means continuously assessing all phases of the engagement process and seeking opportunities for improvement.

A comprehensive examination of the entire value chain involves proactive measures before, during, and after engagements, reflecting on feedback, and providing various types of support while working on innovative solutions to potential issues.

Here, we explain our ongoing efforts behind the scenes to ensure stakeholders receive a quality experience.

Prioritising fit to build consummate collaborations

Engagements can be intensive experiences that require strong levels of mutual understanding to function effectively, so it is important to ensure compatibility from the outset.

In selecting professionals for a project, our experienced team goes beyond skills and experiences. We consider contractors’ industrial background, geography and past achievements correlate with our clients’ needs. Another key factor is the cultural fit between the two parties as harmony on values and operating principles can lead to smoother workflows, greater team cohesion and the establishment of longer-term relationships if successful.

To achieve this, we engage in thorough discussions with the client, determine the most suitable engagement model, establish staffing requirements, and meticulously match professionals to project needs. This analysis is crucial for cultivating partnerships that yield exceptional outcomes and maximise synergies.

Tailored involvement to facilitate project progression

Regular communication with clients and contractors can optimise engagements by offering independent advice. Our leadership actively monitors engagements to ensure smooth operation and provides impartial feedback to facilitate efficient project delivery, identifying collaboration opportunities and addressing challenges.

Additionally, other team members have made significant contributions to client projects by leveraging their diverse experiences and viewpoints. We also have a number of creative resources on staff, including award-winning designers, digital experts, and experienced copywriters, which are available to contribute on projects upon request.

Utilising technology for efficiency and security

We invest significantly in data protection tools to safeguard clients’ confidential information and provide secure access for professionals.

Utilising Desktop as a Service (DaaS) technology enables contractors to securely access information anytime, anywhere. Data is in transit is encrypted and can still be shared in real time, while data loss prevention technology means we are automatically informed of any information anomalies in our cloud environment.

We also provide clients with secure data storage, have safeguards in place to determine who can use our virtual desktops, and work with a cloud access security broker when there are any instances of unexpected data sharing or access.

Encrypted virtual debit cards, provided by Revolut Business, are also bringing security and efficiency to expenses management. The cards ensure ease of use, reduce fraud and security risks, and minimise administrative burdens for both parties.

The cards can be set up in just 10 minutes on a smartphone, connected to a digital wallet, and allow contractors to buy what they need. Users can submit expense receipts via photograph in mere seconds, with our team processing them in line with pre-agreed terms and conditions. This means greater ease of use for contractors, reduced fraud and security risks for clients, and minimal administrative burdens for both parties.

Developing innovative tools for enhanced efficiency

Continuous development efforts are under way as we seek to create digital resources that benefit our clients and professional partners.

Projects such as our timekeeping solution exemplify our commitment to enhancing the professional partner experience. Ongoing innovations, driven by our dedicated team, are informed by stakeholder insights and aim to improve various aspects of engagement.

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Providing logistical support whenever it’s needed

We strive to enhance the engagement experience for our professional partners, beginning with pre-engagement support.

Sorting out visas and important travel documentation can be a time-consuming distraction for busy professionals. That is why our staff take care of those for our contractors, ensuring that they can focus on projects, not paperwork.

Our team handles visa and travel documentation, arranges door-to-door travel, and maintains partnerships with a network of hotels, ensuring professionals have the necessary support and facilities wherever they stay.

Post-engagement debriefs

Even after an engagement concludes, we solicit feedback to continually improve our services.

By collecting feedback from clients and contractors, we gain insights that inform our approach for future engagements and drive service innovation across projects through regular internal discussions.

For more information about our services and how we can help clients and professionals enjoy the best possible engagement experience, contact our team to see what we can do for you.