Continuous feedback


Continuous feedback throughout the entirety of engagements maximises value and creates long-term benefits by ensuring clients and contractors are in tune with each other’s needs. 

Effective feedback mechanisms, built on mutual trust and transparency, encourage both sides to share constructive observations. This builds stronger relationships and leads to more fruitful engagements. 

However, the virtuous cycle it creates can lead to benefits that extend well beyond the project for both individuals and organisations. For contractors, there are tangible personal development advantages, while clients can learn how better to work with and manage external personnel. 

For select clients, we have even built bespoke feedback mechanisms that encourage users to provide more complete interim feedback, which in turn helps them to create long-term value. 

But our approach is always context-driven, tailored to the stakeholders involved and continues over the course of an entire engagement. Regular conversations are vital to the process functioning effectively and enable us to make tactical interventions if there are any difficulties. 

Based on conversations with clients when they are first looking to source external expertise, we can advise them which individuals would be best equipped to meet their needs. We can also provide contractors with advice on how best to work with new clients. 

During engagements, we check in with both parties and are proactive in addressing any pain points. The conclusion of an agreement also allows us to debrief both sides with further feedback available to help them understand possible issues for the future and how to improve.