Development of timekeeping MVP reaches the next stage.


A new and innovative Hyphen-built timekeeping MVP is set to be launched this summer, with development now commencing a new phase. 

Work has started on building the program, which is being designed specifically for experts and consultants to give them a better overall user experience. Development is expected to take a few months, after which the MVP will go through a period of testing by a group of Hyphen contractors to ensure it meets expectations. 

The custom-built product will help those placed on projects file their timesheets more quickly, enabling more to benefit from our rapid payment systems and minimising time spent on onerous admin demands. Built with our contractors in mind, it will be customisable for different worker profiles and working patterns of consultants and experts. 

This new solution will also have a transformative effect on our Finance team as the administrative burden placed on our team at month-end will be massively reduced. Other benefits will include: 

  • Quicker processing – by filling in and filing timesheets through this web-based solution, our Finance team will save vast swathes of time compared to cross-checking multiple pieces of documentation. 
  • Improved monitoring – collating information on contractor timesheet submissions will be much easier with all input in one centralised place. 
  • Easier communication – we will be able to quickly reach contractors who have not sent in a monthly timesheet, helping both sides get what they need swiftly. 
  • Better use of resources – our A-team will have more time to devote to more valuable tasks, such as building relationships with contractors and developing innovative ideas, products and solutions. 


A cross-functional collaboration between Design, Product, Finance and Tech teams has already made significant progress in getting the plan to this point. Together, they have developed a high-level concept and produced wireframes, laying the groundwork needed to build an effective solution. 

Now, our Tech team is taking things to the next level by fleshing out these initial visions and creating a first-class digital product. The program will be web-based, and our team is already working to make the solution functional on mobile to maximise useability and ease for contractors. 

To continuously improve and further develop our timekeeping solution, we will run a period of closed beta testing with several Hyphen experts and consultants to get real-world feedback before the roll-out of the solution to all our contractors. 

This solution should allow experts and consultants to commit more of themselves to their engagements and spend more time doing what they are best at and enjoy, rather than worrying about tedious admin tasks. We are also excited about the potential of this for our own team and believe it could reap real benefits for us, particularly as we look to scale up our business.