Hyphen professionals drive business transformation in new electric vehicle case study


The rise of electric vehicles is accelerating year on year as more consumers, governments and businesses pump the brakes on the internal combustion engine.

This industry-wide revolution will have profound impacts on related businesses, such as salvage yards that now face the prospect of adapting quickly or potentially finding themselves on the scrap heap in the future.

Leaders at one group with more than 20 salvage sites around America had to come to a decision: stick with their tried-and-tested business model or change gears and pivot to a more EV-ready approach.

To help them plot their business journey, we brought together an experienced consultant and a technical expert to give them a detailed assessment of the industry landscape, the opportunities and the challenges. Armed with this information, company chiefs were better placed to make decisions concerning their long-term strategy – with our transformation plan even giving them a roadmap for change.

Learn more about our work on this engagement by reading our new case study.