Quality assurance – how do we keep engagement running smoothly? 


Active management is crucial to establishing and maintaining effective partnerships over the lifespan of the engagement. 

Our work starts with initial conversations with clients and ends with wrap-up discussions with all involved in the project. Between that, we communicate regularly with both sides to ensure operations progress efficiently. 

Here is a breakdown of how we retain such active involvement even after we have identified and established a partnership, and how our actions help provide quality assurance.


Pre-engagement planning

Meeting our clients’ needs means understanding every aspect of their project requirements at the outset. A member of our senior leadership team discusses the engagement at length to determine the optimal resourcing strategy. 

When building a shortlist of the most appropriate candidates, we gauge cultural fit – as well as industry, geography and functional alignment – as finding compatible personalities and mentalities between key stakeholders gives any engagement the greatest chance of success. 


Hands-on operational involvement

Regular check-ins enable us to gather feedback from both sides that can facilitate changes where appropriate to make engagements more efficient and effective. This can mean providing additional resources if needed, offering additional impartial perspectives, and addressing any pain points. 

Our leadership team collectively have decades of experience in project management and professional services, thus meaning they can contribute frameworks, operations templates and advice that can help ensure the smooth progression of projects. 

We also retain an active level of involvement in our clients’ engagements by providing comprehensive support covering everything from expenses management, travel and logistics planning to IT support. This means we have a good insight into how the partnership is functioning by retaining a level of proximity throughout the engagement.


Post-project review

Full debriefs with both parties take place after the conclusion of an engagement to collect feedback that can be incorporated into future dealings. These discussions focus on the outcome of the project and the effectiveness of the partnership. 

The resulting discussion points are analysed by our senior leadership and Client Partnership team to identify any opportunities for improvement – and acknowledge particular strengths – to build better future experiences for all involved and, where applicable, other relevant engagements. 

To learn more about our active involvement throughout the engagement process, speak with one of our leadership team.