Fruitful Belgian trip brings new recruits together


Members of our leadership team, including one of our co-founders, are meeting with our recent recruits for a special week-long retreat in the Belgian capital. 

Interactive workshops and presentations have been used to provide our new charges with a better understanding of how exactly Hyphen operates. These activities are designed to ensure that clients continue to get the same exceptional level of service even as we continue to expand. 

Sharing examples of best practices, including through the use of a real-life case study, is part of our ongoing commitment to continuous professional development for everyone in your team. Some of the sessions organised this week have focused on: 

  • Understanding and efficiently solving client problems 
  • Maximising workplace efficiency 
  • Client presentation preparation and communications
  • Research and analysis techniques
  • Expert identification and interviewing 


By sharing these insights with individuals across departments so soon after their arrivals, the new members of our team will get up to speed faster and be more impactful with clients. 

Another key element of this week – as is the case with all Hyphen co-working retreats – is building a level of understanding within the team. Identifying individuals’ strengths now creates opportunities for better collaborations across departments later and helps eradicate teething problems as our team grows.