Graphic content: A behind-the-scenes look at Hyphen’s artistic process.


A picture is worth 1,000 words as the old saying goes – so you can see why we put so much effort into them. 

Image production is invaluable in enriching communications for any business, and we are no exception, with graphic design a key part of our overall branding. Having a permanent in-house designer is, however, just another illustration of the value we place on the artistic and multidimensional aspects of our A-team. 

Anahat Kaur, our in-house Visual Designer, has already harnessed her years of experience and technical skill to craft some stunning visuals since joining us earlier this year. Now, she has explained how she approaches creative challenges, using a combination of circumstance and intuition. 

Once the idea for a piece of content is established, she jots down a series of keywords and word associations. This can provide a base to build from as she seeks out different textures to create “authentic, modern and abstract design.” 

Anahat describes her approach as a “cross-pollination of ideas,” at times a mix of analogue and digital. With various deadlines to meet, a quick jolt of inspiration is sometimes needed – and that is where her own graphic archive comes in handy. This includes cut-outs from old magazines, a repository of images from all manner of libraries, archives and resources, and AI – any of which can supply a foundation for her work. 

Armed with an image idea and design software, the real magic begins as she curates and combines these to create drafts. These can change after feedback, but the result is always something exciting and new. 

“Each new artistic idea brews in my mind over the course of a day,” Anahat says. “I often prefer to sleep on them because the next day, everything changes, and I have to make sure the meaning and the message stay true regardless of time.”