Greece is the word: Athens hosts our latest co-working week


Our trip to the cradle of Western civilisation showed just how quickly our team is growing up, with this our biggest retreat to date. Seven days on from a special induction week for our new recruits in Brussels, we brought the entire team together for what was a very productive and insightful week. 

The Ancient Greeks were inquisitive people who gave the world some important inventions. In our own way, we paid tribute to them for some of those discoveries, innovations and landmarks: 

  • Philosophy and democracy – we collectively evaluated key functions and processes in a workshop looking for opportunities to improve them. 
  • Cartography – mapping out how the Hyphen of the future will look was on the agenda in a series of workshops over the course of the week. 
  • Architecture and engineering – work continued to improve our web build and IT infrastructure with in-depth discussions on our digital assets and capabilities. 
  • The alarm clock – a new timekeeping solution is being developed as we speak that will make things easier for our clients and contractors. 


Planning for the Hyphen of the future, coordinating business development strategy, branding discussions and service upgrades were all on the agenda for this most recent retreat. But those were not the only things we discussed in Athens as we used this as an opportunity to learn more about each other, building bonds that will help us now that we are all back in our respective home countries. 


While the co-working retreat featured a series of intense workshops and plenty of graft, we found time to see some of this storied city. And in our spare time, we also acknowledged some of the other things the Greeks gave us in a slightly less business-minded manner: 

  • The Olympics – some of our team were put through their paces at the Panathenaic Stadium, home of the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896, during a morning workout. 
  • Greek food – needless to say, we also tried some of the national cuisine over the course of our few days here – read some of our recommendations below! 
  • The Acropolis – the team of culture vultures voted to tour this globally significant historical landmark on our final full day together, keen to embrace this majestic city’s storied past. 

The sun in the Mediterranean sky was not the only thing looking bright in Athens as our team were briefed on our stellar performance for 2022 and a strong start to the current year. There is plenty more in store for our employees, clients and contractors over the coming months but it’s safe to say our A-team is already looking forward to our next co-working retreat in Q2! 

Want your own Athens Odyssey? Check out our travel guide 

Want to make Greece your Homer away from home? Keen to avoid a Greek tragedy but feel like you have too much on your Plato to plan properly? Do not despair – our handy hints can save you time! Here are our recommendations for visiting Athens: 

  • Browns Acropol is a sumptuous hotel right in the heart of the city centre, combining 60s-inspired chic, a stunning rooftop bar and rooms fit for Alexander the Great. 
  • Agora Select blends Greek gastronomy with international influences to create a superb and sophisticated dining experience. 
  • Kouvelos has been around for 117 years for a reason – those in charge of this traditional taverna serve up spectacular, authentic cuisine, specialising in roasted meats. 
  • Kiouzin serves up hearty portions of conventional Greek cuisine but with a modern twist that will leave you full and wanting more. 
  • Karamanlidika fuses heritage and quality to give guests a taste of a Byzantine-inspired feast, using authentic recipes and serving traditional mezes. 
  • Chelona is exactly what you need if you are looking for a fine-dining experience. Healthy, hearty and wholesome cuisine drawing inspiration from around the Mediterranean, while serving up some incredible wines and cocktails. 
  • The Clumsies has been ranked as the 19th-best bar in the world for a reason – if you like your cocktails, this is the place to go in Athens.