How Hyphen keeps sensitive data secure.


Engaging a Hyphen resource means a client does not just get an industry-leading expert but also a comprehensive array of IT security features supporting the expert’s work. 

We provide tools that keep critical data secure while it is in use, in transit and in storage, so that all sensitive information is always protected, and experts can access it safely. 

Our information security features have the following components: 

Security while data is in use

Our virtualisation functionality is a key part of our digital defences. Experts can access information anywhere in the world via a secure hosted environment, while Hyphen has full control over who can use the virtual desktop. We also set access controls to limit the ability to work with and manipulate data to just a select number of people. 

Security while data is in transit

Our resources allow clients and experts to share encrypted data in real-time and we regularly look at ways to improve the quality of our data sharing services. 

Moreover, we also have data loss prevention technology in place that automatically informs us know if information affected by certain privacy policies is being moved across our cloud environment. 

Security while data is in storage

Hyphen provides clients with secure data storage, a cloud access security broker alerts our IT team if files are shared to or accessed from an unexpected location, and network security groups contain security rules that allow or deny access to several types of digital resources. 

Our team is constantly experimenting with new technological solutions from leading start-ups to further improve information security, this includes, as an example, confidential computing solutions for data privacy rooms used in analysing large quantities of sensitive data. 

Data protection tools available when engaging with Hyphen:

  • Access controls for client files and folders
  • Secure data sharing tools
  • Virtual desktops
  • Data loss prevention technology
  • Network security groups
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Malware and phishing filter