Hyphen’s five pillars of external workforce management


Hyphen’s one-stop-shop approach to engagement management ensures clients get quality and efficiency every time thanks to our five-pronged approach.

Working with clients and members of our network throughout entire projects means we provide multiple forms of support covering different phases of the engagement. While we take a very comprehensive view of the lifespan of each project we work on, they can be split into five parts:


  • Understanding the problem
  • Structuring the approach to solving it
  • Mobilising the team or expert to take on the project
  • Executing the work
  • Completing the project and the debriefs


To ensure engagements run smoothly, we provide different services at each stage. This is where our five dimensions of workforce management come into play – quality assurance, contracting management, IT and operations support, finance and administration management, and engagement support.

The graphic below explains how all five dimensions fit together, overlapping and covering the full duration of work.

Hyphen's engagement management chart


Quality assurance is something we look at during the formative stages of an engagement and sees us supporting clients by identifying suitable candidates, verifying their skills and conducting background checks to ensure candidates are technically suitable and a good fit for the role. This typically covers the first three stages of the project lifespan.

Contracting management relates to the fast and non-bureaucratic integration of the external workforce into a client organisation’s project plans. For us, this includes sorting out non-disclosure agreements, looking after compliance issues, ensuring data security is properly addressed, and putting privacy policies in place.

IT and operations support keeps engagements moving seamlessly. We provide best-in-class IT security for external contractors, enabling them to collaborate securely with client teams, as well as offering tools to make life simple whether at home or at a client site.

Finance and administration management sees us take responsibility for all financial operations, such as monthly invoicing, contractor payments and timekeeping, and expenses management. This can be customised to a client’s particular needs to remove bureaucracy for clients and ensures our experts are paid promptly with minimal fuss.

Engagement support covers our geared-up and responsive approach to dealing with project-related needs once an engagement is under way. This includes onboarding contractors, providing travel and logistical support, feedback management, and offboarding.

To understand how our five dimensions of engagement management can help your business improve its collaborations with external contractors, please get in touch with our Operations team.