Case study explores Hyphen’s role in developing iconic destination.


What makes a travel destination truly awe-inspiring and unique? That was the question facing one Middle Eastern government that aspired to create a new globally renowned tourist experience. 

Hyphen built an A-team of world-class experts from several fields to provide those in charge of this mega-project with innovative ideas and guidance based on years of experience and then liaised between those specialists and the client as they worked to fashion a vision of something spectacular. Work is currently ongoing on making these grand plans into a reality, with Hyphen playing a key role in the process. 

Hyphen co-founder Dr. Erhan Ermis said of the project: “This is the sort of work we all aspire to be doing – playing a crucial role developing something truly exceptional. Our ability to identify the best talent and integrate those individuals into the client’s plans has been key to the progress of this significant undertaking”. 

This mega-project is just one example of the impactful projects we at Hyphen are working on. We are already bringing our own expertise to other large-scale infrastructure initiatives and showing major organisations how cross-functional teams can lead to greater successes. 

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