Improving the Hyphen experience by building stronger relationships with key partners.


A productive week of meetings with key Middle East-based consultants, experts, clients and vendors is driving our efforts to improve the engagement experience with Hyphen. 

As a human-centric business, we take our relationships very seriously and nothing compares with seeing our partners in person. Our entire Operations team went on their tour of the region in mid-March, gathering feedback and exploring new opportunities. 

A key focus of these meetings was strengthening our bonds with vendors, who provide our experts with on-the-ground support. And thanks to this intensive but insightful fact-finding mission, our experts and consultants can expect to benefit from upgrades to several of our services: 

  • Improved hotel experiences 
    • More hotels in our network means more individuals will get access to the additional facilities available to Hyphen collaborators. 
    • Improved processes mean our team will now be able to process accommodation requests quicker as we can directly access some hotel reservation systems. 
    • Special points of contact at each hotel will take care of our consultants’ and experts’ needs quickly and efficiently. 


  • Upgraded transportation options 
    • We have expanded our pool of transportation vendors to ensure there is availability and flexibility for our experts on the ground. 
    • We will now be able to provide easy access to taxis and transport in most cities and regions around the Middle East. 


  • More support when organising visas and individual documentation. 
    • We have added new vendors to our list of visa providers, helping us to expedite even the most complex travel document requests. 
    • Aligning with visa offices means we can turn paperwork around even quicker to help improve logistics further and experts get to work sooner. 


We also visited several of our experts and consultants on the ground and some of our clients in the region. Doing this helped us to understand the issues they encounter and identify where we can support them or add value. Thanks to their feedback, we developed new ideas that will provide a superior level of service during engagements, address pain points and learn how we can streamline these partnerships. 

We want to thank our partners for their time and feedback, which is invaluable to us. Thanks to these conversations, all of our collaborators will get the best experience yet – and they can expect even bigger and better changes to come.