Kaş is king as our A-team reunites for our latest co-working week


Optimising our Client Partnerships and Design functions topped the agenda as our A-team reunited in Turkey. 

The coastal city of Kaş served as our beautiful base for our third co-working retreat of 2023. In addition to catching some late summer sun, we spent the week laying the groundwork for what is likely to be a busy end to the year. 

View from Kaş’ harbour

Our team packed in nearly 40 different work sessions across four intensive days, with two areas of our business garnering particularly significant attention. The Client Partnerships team were kept busy, juggling ongoing engagements and more strategically minded sessions. Improvements were also discussed in our Design team sessions, which looked at building new services and developing product ideas and visual materials. 

Hyphen team co-working in KaşThe facility in Finland for Hyphen’s retreat

Meanwhile, departmental updates kept everyone in the loop with the company’s progress, while our Finance, Operations and Tech groups all held their own workshops. These sessions will ensure clients and professionals working with Hyphen continue to get exceptional service – but with a few possible improvements in the future. 

Hyphen team co-working in Kaş

Team building is a crucial element of these weeks, especially given how our A-team has grown in 2023. We built group activities into our schedule, the pinnacle of which came when the entire team took in the scenery and enjoyed a chilled-out boat trip to the sunken city of Kekova. Evening meals out at various restaurants had a similar effect. (Read on for some recommendations.) 

Our team is already looking forward to our November retreat – but it will be tough to top our bit of Turkish delight. 

Travel guide: coming to Kaş 

Photo of Kaş’ landscape

Boat trip in KaşBoat trip in Kaş

Our team was impressed by Kaş’ beautiful landscape, with plenty of sun, sea and good food and drink supplementing a productive week. Here are a few places that you might wish to try if you visit this incredible corner of Turkey. 

Food and drink 

  • Passarella – this wonderful waterfront spot is a perfect place to take in the sights and enjoy some fine food and drink.  
  • Oburus Momus – vegetarians, rejoice! This restaurant’s menu is loaded with Mediterranean-inspired gastronomy that places an emphasis on sustainability. 
  • Tasra – a selection of Turkish dishes with a modern twist are available here – and there is another amazing view to boot. 
  • Alp’s Wine House – as its name indicates, this eatery prides itself on its wines but there is plenty of meaty fare to keep diners happy, too. 
  • Salkim Ocakbasi – this barbecue and grill offers excellent fare whether you are a meat-eater or a vegetarian and is well worth a visit.

Sights to see

  • Take a boat trip to the sunken city of Kekova – this is an absolute must and our team loved the experience. The remains of an ancient city that was submerged in the second century due to an earthquake draw plenty of tourists and you can splash around in the surrounding turquoise sea. 
  • Explore the site of ancient Antiphellos – still-visible ruins including a theatre are located in the city while the Lion Tomb, which dates back to the fourth century BC and which has two carved lion heads, is one of many Lycian rock tombs.