‘It’s like riding a high-speed train’ – excitement of life in Business Development team revealed


Chiara Anzovino knows a thing or two about finding the right person for a particular job. 

An engagement matchmaker extraordinaire, she is our Head of Consultant Placements and manages her relationships with care. The Business Development team is her domain and she knows it inside out, while providing an exceptionally popular and positive member of our A-team. 

Now, she has lifted the lid on her Hyphen experience in a new testimonial for our careers page. Working closely with individuals of varying seniority inside the company, she has shared her story to help others understand what it is like here. 

Her testimonial on life at Hyphen delves into: 

  • How she identifies the right consultants for each of our client engagements and the value of little details. 
  • The sense of satisfaction she gets when makes a perfect match. 
  • Her mentor-mentee relationship with Lilas El-Moughrabi, our Senior Associate. 
  • The ‘buzz’ and fast-paced nature of work in the Business Development team. 
  • Her thoughts on what makes Hyphen special and who would thrive with us. 
  • And much more. 


Because we are a growing company, things can evolve quickly and that’s part of the fun,” Chiara noted. “Whenever there are any challenges, we constantly rise to them because we have a talented team that can react quickly. We are still growing as a company and our team is getting bigger as a result, but that sense of camaraderie is one thing we are particularly keen to preserve.”  

She added: “If you’re creative, willing to roll your sleeves up and can adapt to whatever life throws up, this really could be the right place for you.” 

Read Chiara’s full testimonial here. You can also check out other testimonials on our careers page.