Making engagements simpler through better logistical support.


Providing exceptional service has established Hyphen as a trusted partner for leading experts and major organisations around the world. One of the ways we look after clients and experts is by offering comprehensive logistical support along all stages of an engagement with Hyphen. 

Our internal processes and diligence maximise convenience for contractors, as well as ensuring they are safe and compliant with host nation regulations. For clients, Hyphen’s all-inclusive approach means they can focus on the engagement, rather than spending time on administrative matters. 

We manage the logistics of an engagement from start to finish as part of our commitment to excellence and have a number of procedures that assist both clients and experts. These include: 

  • Serving as the main point of contact for contractors on the ground and liaising between both sides to keep them abreast of any issues. 
  • Ensuring experts have the documentation and equipment to start work promptly, using external vendors to expedite visa and travel document applications. 
  • Partnering with ‘Hyphen hotels’ to secure preferential rates for accommodation. 
  • Organising transport arrangements all the way from the expert’s home to the client’s site.

Hyphen continues to improve our services in the near future. This includes providing greater support on the ground to clients and experts, enhancing and automating more of our processes concerning expenses, digitising our operations wherever possible, and increasing the number of partner hotels.