Military leaders approach Hyphen after Swiss success


Leading defence chiefs are interested in learning how Hyphen can help devise data-driven strategies for attracting and retaining top-tier talent. 

These discussions come after our fruitful collaboration with the Swiss military and behavioural science consultants FehrAdvice. The number of women registering an interest in joining the armed forces rocketed by 50% in just one canton after a trial built on the work of this partnership. 

However, the methodology can be adjusted to service other organisational needs. Now, defence organisations are intrigued by the potential of more tailored and psychologically configured staffing solutions. Bosses are also keen to learn how this ground-breaking approach can aid them in their efforts to retain their best and brightest. 

“It is extremely encouraging to receive so much attention on the back of this engagement – it shows that what we are doing is making a difference and has great potential,” said Hyphen Co-Founder Michael Savolainen, who is also a serving officer with the Swiss armed forces. 

“Helping other defence organisations to reach the best people for their needs can create a safer world and shows real innovation. We hope to continue pushing boundaries with other military partners.” 

To learn more about Hyphen’s role in the Swiss military’s recruitment transformation, read our case study and get in touch with Michael