How our new AI-powered CVApp helps us shine a spotlight on our network’s skills


We have developed a new AI-powered app that can transform our contractors’ CVs to emphasise their credentials and maximise their chances of winning engagements. 

Our new generative AI tool, CVApp, collects data from resumes and repackages the information in our house format to give decision-makers the information they need to make the best choice. CVApp focuses on the skills and experiences needed for engagements and provides a clearer picture of how past performance can help with future projects. 

The Hyphen-built application will also save our A-team time previously devoted to formatting. Instead, we can now focus even more of our efforts on addressing the needs of our partners and ensure that both sides of the Hyphen enjoy the best possible engagement fit and experience. 

Another advantage of incorporating this tool into our working process is that it will help to build a more comprehensive database of our network’s skills and experiences. This in turn will give us greater insights into which professionals could be suitable for a given project in just a few clicks.  

Members of our Hyphen of the Future group produced a fully working prototype of the app within mere weeks using Azure AI, a portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI) services, and GitHub. A test version of the application is already being tested by our team members and we look forward to putting this into practice soon. 

The development of this resource fits with our company-wide belief in and practice of design thinking and the power of creativity. We will continue to look at potential solutions that will benefit ourselves, our clients and our network of professionals as our expansion progresses.