Our personal approach to developing effective expert partnerships.


Building long-term, human-centric relationships is a key aspect of Hyphen’s unique approach to working with experts and consultants. 

This desire to connect and understand the individuals in our network goes beyond just the initial consultation and placement; we are thinking long term. We speak with potential collaborators at least twice before putting them forward for any role and want to ensure every project is a perfect fit. 

However, Hyphen also regularly checks in with contractors and serves as their representative during projects. We then get together with both the client and the expert for a digital debrief once an engagement has concluded. This means individuals get an end-to-end service and have their needs catered for at all times. 

We also check in with everyone in our network in the weeks and months after their respective projects are finished, not just to discuss new business but also to see how they are. We want to establish real connections with our experts and consultants and think that this leads to a better experience because there is a sense of trust. 

This approach has benefits for clients, too, and maximises the value they derive from projects. Creating a curated list of experts with the right skills and mindset ensures they get knowledgeable people who will fully buy into engagements, with fit already considered. In short, everyone benefits from this more efficient and personality-driven way of creating partnerships. 

Our research has shown that experts find partnering with us to be a rewarding experience. Some of the reasons members of our network like working with us are that: 

  • We only propose projects that really are interesting and relevant and that suit their schedule and needs, meaning it is all very structured and tailored. 
  • Our smooth processes make onboarding easier, make administrative matters less onerous and ensure the finance function works effectively as we are responsive to the needs of those who work with us once the project starts. 
  • Experts find engagements more enjoyable because they know they are supported by our team of positive, purpose-driven people who are determined to provide a top-class experience.


“It’s a very individual experience you get dealing with Hyphen,” said consultant Adrià Marques, who has already worked on several engagements with us. “I have spoken with the co-founders: Michael Savolainen and Erhan Ermis about different roles and projects and everything has worked well. 

“Collaborating with Hyphen is a quick way to get a project and they offered me the flexibility I wanted, for example being able to walk away from a project early on if it was not what I expected but I extended my contract by a few more months. The contact with the Finance team works well and being paid quickly after invoicing is something I value as well.” 

For us, it’s not just business; it’s personal. To learn more about Hyphen’s human-centric approach and how it can work for you, get in touch with our Business Development team.