Placing quality at the heart of expert engagement.


Rigorous processes are in place to ensure that Hyphen selects only the best experts to partner with our clients – and our emphasis on quality means we are always pushing for improvements. 

Unique projects require tailored solutions so after assembling a shortlist of first-rate candidates, Hyphen assesses which of them will best fit the needs for a particular engagement – all within two days of a client approaching us. 

While the degrees of vetting used will change on a case-by-case basis, this summary gives an insight into some of the tasks we undertake to verify the suitability of experts before presenting them to clients: 

  • Fit interview 
    • This is to examine a candidate’s experience, expertise and capability as well as assess whether they will be a cultural fit with the client. 
  • Case interview 
    • This assesses a candidate’s professional capacity and expertise and examines whether their experiences fit with our client’s project. 
  • Work product check 
    • This is a review of a candidate’s produced deliverables on previous projects and engagements.

Our founders will conduct their own investigations into a candidate’s history when deemed necessary to ensure that we have the best contractor for a specific project. We are always extremely diligent and insist that all experts must undergo this thorough process, regardless of their background. 

As well as verifying a candidate’s competency and reviewing given references, we also conduct background checks as part of our due diligence via an external screening partner. These checks include: 

  • Media list and watchlist screening;  
  • Online employment verification;
  • An educational background check; 
  • Criminal records checks.

Hyphen’s thorough methods fit into a digitised and methodical workflow that emphasises efficiency without sacrificing quality, which remains our top priority. 

The use of AI has enabled us to automate several steps behind the scenes, meaning that engagements can start sooner, minimising administrative delays and maximising value. We discussed how we can make further improvements to these processes during our recent co-working week and we will continue to invest in technological innovations.