Products, branding and ideas – why creativity matters


Developing creative solutions is part of Hyphen’s DNA. 

Innovative solutions require intelligent design and this is why we commit such a significant amount of time and resources to building new processes, products and relationships. Our A-team is constantly looking for ways to improve the engagement experience, which is why we have done everything from developing relationships with hotel networks to developing our brand-new tech in pursuit of excellence. 

On the product development side, the ‘Hyphen of the Future’ working group is dedicated to working on digital products from start to finish – but it’s a company-wide effort to generate new customer-centric solutions. Entire sessions of our co-working retreats are devoted to discussing product improvements and service ideas, and staff at all levels are encouraged to innovate in their day-to-day roles. However, even the best ideas are only as good as their execution, which is why at Hyphen we take control of development from start to finish. 

Several of our recent senior hires have noted that one of the things that sets Hyphen apart is its dedicated tech focus. Akin Akbiyik, Heinz Pley and Güneş Aydoğan all believe our commitment to building new products is important to our future as a company and we are constantly looking to innovate to give clients and contractors better engagement experiences. 

From a products and services perspective, we commit resources to identifying and building these resources – such as our timekeeping solution – for several reasons: 

  • Tailoring solutions that benefit our partners 

We are using technology to improve efficiency and optimise our working practices, which gives clients and contractors superior service. Moreover, regularly evaluating workflows and processes allows us to swiftly identify opportunities and cut out mistakes. From there, we commit time to developing tech assets, thus dealing with any pain points and improving services in a timely manner that benefits all. 

  • Enhancing experiences through control and functionality 

Utilising automation effectively makes life easier for us, our clients and professionals. It allows our A-team to focus more on the things that matter to our partners, who benefit from a smoother experience during their projects. We develop digital resources that enhance the user experience and integrate into our workflows and thus maximise efficiency and functionality but there are practical reasons why we don’t just rely on existing tech. While sometimes it can be easier to use off-the-shelf solutions, in the long term producing our assets ourselves ensures the final output matches our – and our partners’ – needs exactly. 

  • Building for the future with scalability in mind 

We have grown considerably in recent years and, as such, we are always mindful of the long-term changes that will affect the business as we scale up. The services we built are designed with that in mind, capable of working as effectively with our current client and contractor bases as with a vastly larger network in the coming years. 

As well as the product and service development element, we also commit significant creative resources toward other activities. We urge staff of all levels of seniority in all of our teams to think about customer needs and look for innovative ideas to address their issues. Interesting suggestions pop up during our co-working weeks and regular ‘office sessions’ as that user-centric focus guides our work. 



Take our Design team, which has been the subject of several posts about our ongoing branding transformation over the past year. We have recently published articles about our graphic design approach and our font update, which both follow on from a post about our use of the AI imaging tool DALL-E. 

This team has also recently taken on a different element, taking a hands-on role in one of our key engagements. Their work has included conceptualising and visualising a potential high-tech campus and communicating their ideas to senior decision-makers. Utilising their artistic vision and alternative ways of thinking enabled us to envisage something truly unique for our client. 

We give everyone on our A-team the opportunity to showcase their creative flair and always look for the best possible solution to any situation. Add in our unwillingness to compromise on quality and we believe this versatility produces better results for both ourselves and our partners.