Italian job done! Rome hosts first co-working retreat of 2024


All roads led to Rome as our A-team reunited in the Italian capital to plot the next steps for building an empire of our own. 

Our time in the Eternal City also saw our team share productive and supportive feedback about our performance last year and strengthen bonds between departments. Sessions during the busy co-working week covered new product developments, ongoing branding discussions, finance updates and emerging business opportunities. 

This was no Roman holiday but there was also more than a little bit of time set aside for fun. The opportunities for enjoying time together as a group makes these retreats some of the best weeks of the year for our A-team. 

Hyphen – just like Rome – wasn’t built in one day and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our service offering. Bringing the whole team together facilitates that, allowing our team to brainstorm and share ideas in a way that isn’t possible – or at least as easy – online.  

As well as planning for the Hyphen of the future, we made sure that we didn’t take ourselves too much out of the present as our A-team continued to provide our first-rate service to our clients and professionals. 


A photograph of ancient buildings in Rome.


The week started with visits to two sites of mass interest in the city – one for religious reasons and one for sporting ones. Several of our team travelled to the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday to watch AS Roma, one of the nation’s favourite football teams. That was followed up less than 24 hours later with a divine tour of the Vatican Museums that gave us an insight into the history of the microstate that resides right in the heart of the Italian capital. 

We returned to the Vatican on Friday for a tour of the barracks of the Swiss Guard, the armed forces unit that protects the Pope. This was followed up with another, longer tour of Rome itself that saw us take in some of its most iconic sights. An enjoyable day was capped off with some exceptional Italian cuisine – something that was a constant across the whole week. Check out our travel guide to get a flavour of the establishments we tried. 

This co-working retreat capped off what has been a remarkable first quarter, one that saw us make progress on several key organisational priorities. Hopefully the next few months will be similarly fruitful – and hopefully the next co-working week will create such good memories. 


Kamila, Eleah and Chiara posing for a picture during a tour of the Swiss Guard Barracks.


Travel guide: When in Rome, do as Hyphen does 

Where to stay: 

  • Mama Shelter – after such an enjoyable stay in its Prague sister hotel, it made sense to check into the Italian iteration, which was suave, modern and perfect for both work and relaxing. 


Food and drink: 

  • Marzapane – diners here are in for a treat and should pay this place a visit so they can enjoy inventive culinary creations and a modern twist on Italian flavours. 
  • Beere Mangiare & Co Roma – this stylish bistro and bar offers a fusion of delectable dishes and craft beers in a vibrant setting. 
  • Spirito Di Vino – prepared to be enchanted by this quaint restaurant, its intimate ambiance and exquisite Italian cuisine, which is paired with an exceptional wine selection. 
  • Ruma – ruminate in local flavours in an environment that captivates diners with authentic Roman recipes and a cosy atmosphere. 
  • Il Margutta – gourmet vegetarian cuisine and artistic presentation come together to create a haven for both food enthusiasts and art lovers. 
  • Ristorante Pancrazio dal 1922 – historic charm and culinary excellence ooze out of this restaurant that knocks out classic Italian dishes with a timeless flair. 
  • La Pace del Palato – there is an abundance of charm here as the rustic ambiance dovetails nicely with traditional Roman fare, offering a true taste of Italy’s culinary heritage. 
  • Ristorante Virginiae – the best of Roman gastronomy is on show in this eatery that delights with its refined dining experience and expertly crafted dishes. 


Sights to see 

  • St Peter’s Square – this storied and beautiful plaza sits right in the heart of Vatican City and is surrounded by some of the most stunning architecture in Rome, including St Peter’s Basilica. 
  • The Colosseum – this spectacular arena embodies ancient engineering marvels and echoes centuries of captivating history. 
  • Trevi Fountain – this exquisite water features mesmerizes with its Baroque grandeur and timeless allure. Visitors that throw a  
  • Spanish Steps – the climb up these charming, elegant steps might look daunting but it is definitely worth it for the scenic views of Rome. 
  • The Pantheon – this astounding feature of architecture captivates all who see it, particularly with its ancient ingenuity and celestial dome.