Serverless computing.


Serverless computing is accelerating Hyphen’s efficiency efforts as increased automation easily connects our ecosystem of applications. 

Our technology team’s efforts are optimising our back-end processes, making our resources futureproof and creating cost benefits as various tools we use to help our staff, clients and contractors have been placed in the cloud. 

So how does this all work? 

It is based on benefits that have come about due to the rise of cloud-based computing. Unlike typical servers that operate continuously, our Azure-based functions are only triggered when they are used. And through the extensive use of application programming interfaces (APIs), everything in our digital ecosystem is connected and natural ‘gaps’ have been removed. Simply put, we have built bridges between our web of programs, allowing information to pass directly from one to another. 

This is a far more efficient way of running technology and once the initial work is done to prepare the programs, there is very little ongoing time commitment. As APIs allow us to connect our various programs together, data can be easily shared, and it minimises the risk of human error. 

The cloud and serverless computing also help us to arbitrarily scale up these links between systems. As programs are only activated when they are needed, they will be able to cope with additional demands as Hyphen continues to grow. This technology is already aiding our finance, customer relationship management, and recruitment efforts. 

By harnessing the power of serverless computing and APIs to intelligently connect applications, we are creating significant benefits now and are supercharging our own development for the future.