At your service: Independent professionals


Independent professionals are difference-makers capable of moving client projects forward, each in their own distinct way.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes turn to independent professionals when they need resources not in house. By doing so, they bring years of knowledge and experience that can provide fresh perspectives, rare skills and invaluable leadership.

Through our flexible engagement models, we believe any business can take advantage of these assets without an onerous long-term commitment. Here, we explain more about the three types of independent professionals, what each is suitable for and the differences between them.

What do we mean by ‘independent professionals’?

Specialists, senior advisors and consultants all fit into this category, each bringing their own specific set of skills. However, all three of these different groups add invaluable capacity and fresh perspectives to projects that require something more to move forward.

What are the differences between those three groupings?

The in-depth subject matter knowledge and industry-specific expertise generated over the course of long and successful careers are what make specialists stand out. In short, they offer insights that cannot be replicated and can save clients time and money through the development of solutions rooted in practicality.

Senior advisors bring a different kind of knowledge to the table, one more rooted in high-level, strategic decision-making than in technical knowledge. These individuals might have experience at the top of global businesses, held high-powered political posts or filled other roles of significant influence. By sharing that experience, these individuals can open doors – and potentially minds – for our clients who need that level of insight.

In the case of consultants, they bring fresh pairs of eyes – and in some cases frameworks, tools and analysis – to identify solutions to complex business problems. The professionals we partner with are exceptional at improving efficiency, providing objective feedback, and managing change within an organisation, having worked with countless businesses over their careers.

How do these three groups differ?

  • Depth versus breadth of knowledge: Specialists have deep, specialised knowledge within a narrow domain, while consultants possess a broader range of skills and expertise across multiple areas. Senior advisors combine deep industry experience with strategic thinking.
  • Strategy versus execution: While all three groups contribute to problem-solving, their focus may differ. Specialists primarily focus on executing technical solutions, senior advisors provide strategic direction and decision-making support, and consultants focus on both strategy development and implementation. 
  • Direct versus indirect involvement: While all three groups are independent professionals, senior advisors often take on leadership roles within organisations, guiding decision-making processes and driving change. Consultants may also lead projects but typically operate in a more advisory capacity, while specialists may work independently or as part of a team. 


How long do clients typically utilise the services of these professionals?

Every engagement is different, but at Hyphen, we speak with client decision-makers before starting to ascertain exactly what is needed and provide resources accordingly. 

In the case of independent professionals, we believe that these individuals can be particularly impactful on short-to-medium-term projects. We use flexible engagement models that mean clients can commit to an engagement period and/or billing structure that aligns with their project needs.

Learn more about this service offering by speaking with one of our senior leadership team, who can identify which resources you need for your project.