At your service: Interim management


Experienced leadership is essential to ensuring organisational stability for businesses during periods of change. However, identifying the right interim management figureheads is no easy task – which is why companies around the world turn to Hyphen. 

Interim managers slot into a client’s organisational hierarchy at a senior level and provide the steady influence needed to keep a business and its priority projects progressing. Fit is particularly important to ensuring these types of engagements are successful, which is why we take such care to find individuals with the right combination of skills for our clients’ needs. 

Our flexible engagement models mean that businesses can utilise the services of these leaders on a short-term or medium-term basis while formulating their longer-term plans. Here, we delve into what interim management is, how we identify the right individuals and what types of work these individuals can help with. 


What do we mean by ‘interim management’?

This label covers senior professionals who fill leadership and specialist roles that are integral to a company’s success on a temporary basis. Individuals who fit into this category typically possess many years of experience in leadership positions at other organisations.


What types of engagements are these individuals most suited for?

Interim management personnel typically come in at the upper levels of a client organisation, providing day-to-day leadership that keeps the whole organisation moving forward. However, we are also able to identify individuals with more specialist skill sets who can take control of individual departments or technical projects. 


How does Hyphen ensure interim managers are appropriate for any given client?

Full debriefs with both parties take place after the conclusion of an engagement to collect feedback that can be incorporated into future dealings. These discussions focus on the outcome of the project and the effectiveness of the partnership. 

The resulting discussion points are analysed by our senior leadership and Client Partnership team to identify any opportunities for improvement – and acknowledge particular strengths – to build better future experiences for all involved and, where applicable, other relevant engagements. 


For how long does an interim manager tend to work with a client?

This is something that we will explore during preliminary discussions with clients and is entirely dependent on the needs of our clients. For specialist or technical projects, it can be the case that the interim manager will work with the client for the duration of the engagement. Should a client need a high-level leadership figure, these individuals can be placed on a short or medium-term basis. 

Our flexible engagement models, however, mean clients can commit to an engagement period and/or billing structure that aligns with their needs. 


Speak with one of our leadership team to learn more about this offering and engage our services in placing the right professional resources for your business.