Vice-President of Client Partnerships planning for future opportunities at Istanbul’s Türkiye-Saudi Arabia Business Forum


Akin Akbiyik led a series of constructive discussions at the Türkiye-Saudi Arabia Business Forum as we seek to help our clients plan for the future. 

Aviation, tourism and investments were just some of the topics of conversation as we met partners face-to-face to continue to look for opportunities to aid their endeavours. 

The forum comes just days after we announced the opening of our new regional headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The news was warmly received by our clients who celebrated with Vice-President of Client Partnerships Akin, who is already looking at ways to facilitate their business needs.

It also follows Pietro Vecchiato’s recent appearance and presentation at the Industrialized Construction Forum at Stanford University, California, USA. Akin and Pietro’s appearances are representative of our continuing efforts to scour the world for top talent and opportunities to aid our business and the interests of our clients. 

Contact Akin, Pietro or another member of our team to learn more about how Hyphen can support you with your business needs.