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Hyphen’s mission is to find and recruit the best individuals and teams to solve the complex challenges faced by governments, foundations and corporations. We deploy them in flexible engagement models tailored to your exact situation.

We understand your unique needs, leverage our expert network to find the best solutions for you, and connect you with our teams of experts to implement them.

Our experts

We help you tackle the most challenging problems by giving you access to tailor-made A-teams or individuals, including:

Senior Advisors

Experienced global leaders who provide decisive insights that ensure your endeavor's success.


Industry and functional thought leaders who provide the knowledge that sets you apart.


Seasoned problem solvers bringing structure to complex challenges, devise strategies and drive the implementation of plans.

Strategic Partners

Technology partners and multidisciplinary associates to design products and research critical to your mission.

How we work

Hyphen applies the methods of executive search and management consulting to our extensive expert network. We work closely with you to understand the challenges you face. We then identify the expertise, skillsets and teams that fit your needs precisely.
We deliver quality
Our number one priority is to provide you with exactly what you need for your unique circumstances. We act as thought partners for you, providing you with the access to senior figures and strong teams.
We are flexible
We support you on a project or on-demand basis, with hourly or part-time engagements. We also offer you interim secondments of consultants and specialists, enabling you to ramp up or ramp down project teams at short notice.
We provide unmatched efficiency
Our innovative model is free of overhead, and costs associated with permanently employed staff. This offers a true cost advantage: you can achieve more for the same time and spend.

Engagement models

At Hyphen, we offer you a range of engagement models, depending on your needs, goals and timelines. These include:
1. Project-based placemens
Extend your project team capacity: We identify, recruit and enlist consultants, specialists and/or senior advisors to complement your project teams by providing crucial expertise. Every bespoke engagement is unique and can range from full-time to part-time, and be on-the-ground, remote or hybrid.
2. Expert panels
Work with the best experts: We build custom and tailored panels of experts for various occasions including advisory boards, strategy review boards, external expertise support rosters and more. Such panels can support you as sparring partners to review strategies and improve ideas.
3. Interim resources & secondments
Strengthen your internal teams: We place our experts directly within your organisation, covering internal roles for a temporary period, from a few months to a year or two.
4. Project delivery
Complete your projects: We build tailor-made cross-functional teams of consultants, specialists and senior advisor to execute your strategic projects.
5. Partner introductions
Collaborate with world-class partners: We introduce you to the partner institutions you need to fulfil your mission. From start-ups offering innovative solutions to boutique consultancies, we identify the partner organisations you need to succeed.
6. Custom Solutions
Overcome challenges: We solve the challenges of the future and seize new opportunities. To help you succeed in uncharted territory, we work with you to create a custom solution that goes beyond common engagement models.

Our approach

1. Understand
By working with you, we acquire an in-depth understanding of your objectives. Together, we determine your project's requirements, capabilities and capacity needs.
2. Connect
We search the globe to identify the experts with the skillsets, capabilities and cooperative skills best suited to your mission, maximising efficiency and results.
3. Deliver
We manage resources from engagement to on-boarding, through to project completion. We create a seamless client experience for you that promises results and satisfaction.

Selected projects

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