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Hyphen’s mission is to find and recruit the best individuals and teams to solve the complex challenges faced by governments, foundations and corporations. We deploy them in flexible engagement models tailored to your exact situation.

We understand your unique needs, leverage our expert network to find the best solutions for you, and connect you with our teams of experts to implement them.
Our Services
We build and manage A-teams for you
Fit-for-mission resources
Understand the challenge and identify the expertise, skillsets and teams that fit your needs. Our expert network and executive search methods help you to connect with the people you need to succeed.
Flexible engagement models
Wide-ranging engagement models tailored to your goals and timelines. It does not matter if it is for a half-day workshop or a year-long interim placement, we cover the full spectrum of engagement needs.
End-to-end mgmt. of external workforce
Streamlined solutions for managing all your external talent, expertise & workforce needs from onboarding to project completion, incl. background checks, finance, contracting, IT setup and more.
1. Fit-for-mission resources
Gain access to different types of expertise

Senior Advisors

Experienced global leaders who provide decisive insights that ensure your endeavor's success.


Industry and functional thought leaders who provide the knowledge that sets you apart.


Seasoned problem solvers bringing structure to complex challenges, devise strategies and drive the implementation of plans.

Strategic Partners

Technology partners and multidisciplinary associates to design products and research critical to your mission.
Our three-step approach for engaging resources
Identification of needs
We acquire an in-depth understanding of your objectives and determine requirements, capabilities and capacity needs.​
Custom search
We identify a shortlist of suitable experts with the relevant skills for ​your mission, focusing on expertise, ​fit and availability.
Fit-for-purpose resources​
We jointly set up the engagement model (full-time, part-time; on-the-ground, remote or hybrid) and conduct a 360° onboarding for a productive collaboration from Day 1.
2. Flexible engagement models
Benefit from wide-range of engagement models, depending on your needs, goals and timelines
Sources of talent
Identified, vetted and sourced by Hyphen via ​its own network
Identified by client or third party, vetted and contracted via Hyphen
Project dedication
Resources dedicated ​with a specified percentage to a project
Resources are earmarked for the project and can be engaged flexibly
Organizational setting
Resources are part of an (external) project team without internal responsibilities
Resources are part of the client’s organization and take roles similar to its employees and managers
3. End-to-end management of external workforce
End-to-end management of external workforce
Trustworthy thought​ partners' supporting with suitable candidates​
Fast & non-bureaucratic inclusion of external workforce​
IT and
Best-in-class security environment for external contractors
Overall administration of all financial operations
Responsive engagement support for project-related needs

Selected projects

Boosting an army’s diversity with behavioural science
Mega Accelerator
Visualising and creating a stunning mountain retreat
Designing a 21st-century desert dreamland
Navigating Data Governance
Enlightening investors on Airport Privatisation
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